Korea Monopolar Radio Frequency Machine

Aiming at civilization development, medically it is researched and developed RF System, which integrates facial and body slimming, without any side effect. As the modern high-tech equipment, RF Machine is widely used in beauty and slimming salons etc.

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Treatments: 1. Face Lifts/Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Treatment This radio frequency skin tightening machine thermalizes the deep dermis level to activate the cellsfunction, promote the blood circulation to improve oxygen and nutrition supplement, improvelymphatic drainage to remove toxin and balance water retentioin, stimulate regeneration of collagen,promote metabolism and cell regrowth. Benefits that can be expected: -Eliminate eye pouch and black rim(dark circle) and fine lines -Face Lift, Skin Tightening and Brightening -Face toning and elasticity improving -Remove acne and pores 2. Fat Dissolve and Cellulite Reduction Treatment By utilizing diathermy, the radio frequency thermal generates friction heat. This action will improve the blood circulation and oxygen availability, promote lymph drainage and toxin removal, promotemetabolism of fat, eliminate cellulite bumps and lumps and finally achieve weight loss. Benefits that can be expected: -Fat burning -Improve constipation -Reduce cellulite bumps and lumps and bulges -Tighten the bottom skin of postpartum and remove orange peel skin 3. Pain Release Treatment The radio frequency diathermy thermal effectively improves the blood circulation of the muscles,promotes fiber elastin, helps to anchylosis, release pain and tireness. Benefits that can be expected: -Help muscle pains -Relax arthitis and anchylosis -Relax tireness

1. Rolling Electrode Type and oriented Pad Type available, aim at different treating requirements.
2. Electronic digital control system: Adjust frequency and time, very simple and convenient. 3. Special design on RF heads: It equips with different sizes of RF heads, suitable for face skin or body different parts.
4. Safety switch: it controls emergency pause to prevent overeating and inducing accidents.
5. Start form ‘Zero’: To prevent any possible accidents.
6. Inner Time Control: Treated time between 5 to 50 minutes, safe and free

-Voltage: 110-120V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz -Power: 300W -Operation Frequency: 0.25-1MHz -Cold Blue Light Wavelength: 588nm -Package Size: 119 x 52 x 62 cm -G.W.: 30 kg

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