TWINSAUNA Steam Generator

TWINSAUNA Steam Generator sprays out a fine mist from the special nozzle in the ceiling, which provides the solution for the weak points of a wet sauna caused by the heated steam. In addition, it maximizes the effect of a half-bath sauna by helping the blood circulation and removing dead skin, etc. Contrary to the existing sauna, it can be called a 'New Concept Sauna introducing the half-bath sauna, which is a way to heat the lower part of your body while cooling the upper part'.

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  • - Influence on the heart and increase the blood circulation
  • - Help the blood circulated well in the respiratory organs, and help phlegm expetorate
  • - Generate sweat during sauna which aids in weight reduction
  • - Strengthen the skin and make it more resistant to disease
  • - Relax muscle tension
  • - Activate the sympathetic nerves and the motor nerves; and thereby stablize the heart pulsation

  • - Slimmer design
  • - High Quality Heating Element
  • - Protection against short circuiting and overheating
  • - Cleaning function (drainage)
  • - The generator has an inspection box which makes it easy to maintain

  • - Power source: 3.7 kw and 6 kw (optional)
  • - Size: 430 x 240 x 170

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