Intelligent Beauty Workstation A5A

A5-A is an intelligent beauty workstation sincne it combines ipl, rf and elight technology, which provides it with both ipl handpiece and elight handpiece. There are many kinds of handpiece for you to choose to realize different functions.
1. Skin Rejuvenation
2.  Pigmentation removal
3.  Blood vessels removal
4.  Acne treatment.
5.  Painless hair removal
6.  Face lifting & wrinkle removal

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1. Fast-connected double hand pieces;
2. Technical combination of IPL, E-light & RF;
3. Eleven optional hand pieces with intelligent distinguish function; 
4. Many kinds of optional handpieces with intelligent function.
5. Elight A5A is Easy to upgrade.

Features of Intelligent Beauty Workstation A5A:
1.Technology combined of IPL, E-light & RF.
2.Block assembly Design.
3. Touchable Screen.
4.Fast-connected Double Hand Pieces.
5.Nine Hand Pieces With Intelligent Distinguish Function.
6.All Kinds of Applications for Free Selection.
7.Easy Operation for Device Upgrade.
8.Convenient for Assembly and Disassembly.

1.  Net weight: 50kg
2.  Crystal: Sapphire
3.  Pulse Duration: 1-10ms
4.  Pulse sequence: 1-3 pulses
5.  Rated input power: 1700VA
6.  Optional eleven handpieces
7.  Light source: Intense pulse light
8.  Delay of continual irradiance: 1.8s
9.  LCD touch screen with true color: 5.7"
10. Handpiece connection: Fast connected
11. Light energy density: 0J/ cm2 - 50J/ cm2
12. Standard configuration: Two handpieces
13. Physical dimension: 42cm*37cm*105cm
14. Electrical requirement: AC220V/110V (Optional)
15. Energy level of radio frequency (RF):0-10 (Adjustable)
16. Cooling system: Water cooling and semiconductor cooling
17. Radio frequency (RF) energy:  
L: 16J/ cm3 -100J/cm3/ M: 12J/cm3 -75J/cm3 /S:9J/ cm3 -55J/cm3
18. Package: Aluminum and strong enough for any shipping 

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