Infared Facial Massager with 5 Massage Attachments

This multi-head thumping percussion massager with infrared ray therapy will leave impulses affecting deeply into the skin to relieve and stimulate tired face, chin and neck. An additional infrared therapy setting can be used to improve blood circulation. The perfect all-in-one massager!  

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  • Each massage head has its own benefits:
  • - Massage Head for head: Reduce pain in neck and scalp.
  • - Massage Head for acupressure: used for massage small muscle ares such as eye muscles, nose or muscles around the lips.
  • - Soft Ball Massage Head: massage and clean face, or combined with cleanser, or used to even massage cream on the face.
  • - Multi Massage Head: for a larger body area massage
  • - Rolling Massage Head: to soothe and relax muscles.

  • - This massage has up to 5 massage heads with different functions to care face skin
  • - Using infrared therapy
  • - Ergonomic design for versatility and ease of use
  • -  Cordless, built-in rechargeable battery. No plugs or cords

  • - Power: 3W
  • - Dimension: 195 x 110 x 75 mm
  • - Weight: 330 gr
  • - Temperature Preservation: 20 - 50 C
  • - Battery:  2,4V / 1000MA

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