Himalayan salt room

Salt bricks, like their name refers to, we can use for different building purposes. For example, parts of walls, room divider, salt room, salt bedroom/child room, wellness room, salt sauna or even an entire salt cave. With this, we can create not only a beautiful surface but a healthy atmosphere at home, or in wellness hotels, spas, fitness centers, guest rooms, schools, and so on.  

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- By asthma patients sinks the number of crisises. It encourages the exercise capacity. - By using the salt therapy, one can avoid not only bronchial diseases, but also allergical illness, hayfever, weakness of immune system - It improves the sleeping quality.  

Salt therapy is a wonderful way of detoxification. Salt crystals stimulate the cleaning mechanism of the body since the widely known solvent effect of the salt can help the self-cleaning process of the respiratory circuit. The Himalayan salt rooms are aseptic, free of viruses and bacteria.Salt rooms built with Himalayan salt provide natural method for keeping our health.    It contains chemical elements such as iodine, potassium, magnesium or selenium, which are all important for your body.

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