Hot Stone

Basalt hot stones are tools of the trade for hot stone massage therapists. Hot stone massage therapy increases circulation, facilitates maximum blood for optimum body functioning and increases cell metabolism.
How does Hot stone massage work?
Hot Stone Massage involves the application of heat through the use of water basalt stones to key parts of the body, giving a deep massage & creating sensations of comfort & warmth.
The direct heat relaxes the muscles allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.
This is a deeply relaxing treatment, allowing you to let go of all the stress that is held within your body.

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Benefits of Hot Stones Therapy:
- Improves Lymphatic Circulation As Well As General Over-All Circulation
- Improves Shoulder, Arm, Leg, Neck And Back Pain
- Promotes Muscle And Tissue Relaxation
- Decreases Or Relieves Tension Headache
- Promotes Increased Wellness
- Promotes Significant Stress Reduction
- Decreases Sciatic Pain
- Decreases Joint Pain

- Bring relaxation, Healing and stimulation to damaged or weary muscles and tissue.
- They can be used on high energy or high stress regions of the body, enhancing relaxation, harmony and rejuvenation.

Stone size :
- Medium Stone : Medium Stones are perfect for use in large or bony areas such as the arms, legs and back. They can be used for direct pressure, or to protect the therapist's hands
- Large Stone: large stones are good for the back, the belly.
- Small stone : small stones are suitble for use in small areas as finger, and face.

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