Hot and Cold Facial Electric Massager CN 1308

The massager offer cold and hot mod for tightening pores and regenerating capillaries to leave a healthy skin condition. Moreover, It also promises to promote skin firmness, maintain flexibility, prevent allergies and other problems    

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  • Cold  effect:
  • - Help skin firmness, matintain flexibility, prevent allergies and other problems
  • - Shrink pores, lock mouisture and reduce wrinkles
  • - Soothe sore muscle, relieve skin fatigue, soothe  the skin sence of teensison, reduce skin redness.
  • Warm effect:
  • - Warm and make people feel warm and comfortable, help relax muscle and relieve pain
  • - Stimulate blood circulation, help nutrients absorpting into the skin easily, make the skin more elastic and moisture.
  • - Putting a sponge to deep cleaning, better able to discharge the face toxins, blackheads and dirt.

  • - Applying hot and cold therapy with different functions.

  • - Voltage: 220VAC
  • - Frequency: 50Hz.
  • - Power: 8W
  • - Minimizing temperature: ≤ 150C.

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