Himalayan Salt Cave Infrared Sauna

Himalayan salt is mined from ancient Himalayan mountains dating back over 250 million years ago. This salt is excellently pure and doesn't affected by industrial pollution. This salt emits anion so when it is heated, the number of anions will be produced more and they neutralize the cation particles from dust, bacteria. That's why himalayan called "vitamin air".
Besides, Infrared is acting like sun rays but not contain ultraviolet. It has effect on the tissue deeply, help sympathize vitamin D for our body

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  • - Help the body ged rid of toxins
  • - Negative ions help to ease the mind and soothe frayed nerves
  • - Reduce stress, and experience natural weight loss
  • - Leave the feeling the renewed and energized
  • - Delay the aging process and anti-oxidant
  • - Improve the immune system

  • - When heating himalayan salt will absorb water from air to create the dissolve of natriclorua and water
  • - Himalayan salt can generate negative ions (anion)
  • - Infrared saunas are awesome for helping the body get rid of toxins
  • - Combining Himalayan salt and infrared sauna will create more and more cation than usual

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