Himalayan Salt Bed

  • Himalayan Salt Bed is the perfect combination of Himalayan salt and light to create wellness space and beauty. At the first sight, customers will be immediately attracted to the Himalayan Salt Bed because of its shimmering beauty.
  • Especially, crystal Himalayan salt heated releases negative ions which helps clean and refresh the air, balance energy in mind and body, relieve stress and fatigue. With luxurious and functional design, Himalayan salt bed is suitable to be equipped at Spa or at home.

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  • - Clean the air and reduce the harmful effect of electromagnetic waves on the body
  • - Relieve stress, help pleasing effect on mind, promote sleep
  • - Eliminate the toxins, enhance blood circulation and metabolism
  • - Balance state of body
  • - Improve respiratory function, prevent colds, sinusitis, rhinitis ....
  • - Make the skin more beautiful

  • - There are many Himalayan rock salt on the surface of bed. This type of salt contains up to 84 natural minerals which are extremely good for health
  • - All the Himalayan rock salt is arranged in a smart way, combined with bulbs to create subtle light and heat the Himalayan salt effectively
  • - When being heated, Himalayan salt releases negative ions and positive ions to balance ions in our body
  • - Bed's frames are made from solid and aesthetic wood to bring subtle beauty.
  • - The sponge has high quality and makes users feel comfortable

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