Harvia BX, BX-E Sauna Heater

This heater is designed for heating of a sauna room to bathing temperature. With subtle design, high quality components, stable performance and modern technology, Harvia BX, BX-E Sauna Heater promise to be a  perfect  beauty solution for everyone.  

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  • - Purify body, exfoliate and leave a smooth skin
  • - Improve body's metabolism, support to reduce excessive fat
  • - Enhance immune system and leave a healthier body
  • - Reduce stress, fatigue, bring relaxation and energy
  • - Increase blood circulation, improve blood circulation and cardiovascular activity.
  • - Combined with some essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, lemongrass to treat colds and inhance respiratory system.

  • - Equipped with a timer and a thermostat to set suitable time and temperature.
  • - Be controlled from a separate control unit which makes it easy to control from further.
  • - This sauna heater is produced with European standard.
  • - Stable structure without noise when operating

  • - Models: HARVIA.
  • - Origin: Finland
  • - Power: 4.5kW, 6.0kW, 8.0kW, 9.0kW.
  • - Stone's weight: 25kg.
  • - Sauna Heater's weight:  11kg.
  • - Warranty: 12 months

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