Green Coffee Massage Oil

Green Coffee Massage Oil is 100% extracted from natural ingredients to make you skin tightening and smooth. Infused with green coffee extract, this massage oil provides the perfect supplement for cellulite control massage. GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT  is invigorating and rich in antioxidants.  

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  • - Coffee seed is rich in antioxidant, stimulates blood circulation, break down linking fatty fat acids which causes cellulite.
  • - Be extracted from natural ingredients which delivers pleasant aroma.
  • - Be suitable for all skin types, especially for woman after birth
  • - Green coffee extracts exhibit toning and stimulating properties, and refreshes and renews the skin.
  • - Improve skin texture and help eliminate toxic waste from our body
  • - Provide a simple but effective way to get a firmer and more evenly textured skin.

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