Glass Bathrooms

A bathroom with the clear simplicity and sanitary benefits of glass, but offering so much more.
Today’s modern walk-in shower designs are created in the most minimalist and sleek style. With only a few details in bathroom, even with no accessories, a bathroom can easily be good looking and impressive. 
Choose Our bathroom for a flexible, modular printed glass design that will never lose its sense of fun and adventure!

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- Add luxury to any modern bathroom with its sleek chrome design and extra secure 6mm Thick toughened glass, most standard hydro shower cabins only offer 5mm glass.
- Extra peace of price at this amazing low price.
- Use Tempered glass : Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softning temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air,which produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress which result in additonal strenth,resistance to thermal stress,and impact resistance.

1. safety:when broken,the pieces are in particle shape with obtuse angles(free of sharp angles)so as to protect people from being injured;
2. high strength:the bedning resistance strength and the impact resistance are both 4-5 times higher than the common glass at the same thickness;
3 .heat stability:thermal impact resistance and able to withstand a temperature change from 40 to 327 degrees without spontaneously breaking.the bearing strength is 3 times than of the common glass.

- Made with 6mm Toughened Glass, Aluminium Alloy and ABS board.
- Includes Aqua Glass Back Panels.
- 6mm Safety Glass.
- Polished Silver.
- Open Top Shower Cabin Design (no roof available for this design).

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