Ginger Massage Body Oil DAU-01C1

  • Ginger oil is an important spice in food, comestics and medicine. Additionally it can usually be used for Spa Massage.
  • It eases the mind, releases nervous tension and helps the whole body relax. You can use it for instant energising massage, help retain moisture and warm skin and body.

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  • - Olive Oil has moisturising effect to soften the skin
  • - Ginger oil moistures and softens the skin
  • - It also warms body, stimulates blood circulation, reduces joint pains.
  • - Whereas the floral of ginger is pleasing, which releases nervous tension.

  • - Combine Ginger and Olive oils into a blend
  • - Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip top for ease for use and be suitable for Spa, Massage Centers

  • - Ingredients: 80% ginger oil, 5% Ylang Ylang oil, 14% nutrients, 1% others
  • - Origin: Viet Nam
  • - Volume: 1 litre
  • - Package: Plastic Bottle

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