Gavanic Unit

Uses disincrustation and iontophoresis to help products absorb into the skin. Softens deposits of oil and sebum, making for more effective facial treatments. This single handled model comes complete with one handle, one rod electrode, one roller, one circle, and one ball electrode. 

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  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Soften and relax the debris in the follicle for extractions on oily or acne skin types
  • Dissolves excess oil, clogged pores while softening the skin at the same time
  • Introducing water - soluble products into the skin for deeper penetration benefits for dry, dehydrating and aging skin types.
  • Use serums and other nutritious products even on the most sensitive skin types
  • To close the follicles (pores) after the facial treatment
  • To decrease redness, as in mild acne.
  • To prevent inflammation after comedones and blemish treatment.
  • To force acid PH solutions, such as astringent, into skin.
  • To stimulate the circulation of blood to dry skin.

The galvanic machine is used to drive treatment gel deep into the skin through electric currents. A positive and negative charge is used to bind the gel to impurities in the skin and draw them back out to the surface. This galvanic current stimulates blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin. The treatment gel includes ingredients to promote healthy skin such as arginine, an amino acid that helps skin revive after stress.   During pre-treat cycles, the galvanic machine is negatively charged. The gel is also negatively charged which is applied to the body. When you treat these areas of the skin with the negatively charged galvanic machine, the charges repel each other which drives the gel into the skin. Once in the skin, the gel binds to impurities. Next the galvanic machine is turned to a positive charge and thus is attracted to the negatively charge impurities in the skin and draws them out to the surface.

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