Five functions:
1, Health protection: Powerful magnets, magnetic fields generated by field constantly stimulate foot micro circulation system, and it can effectively promote the blood circulation, improve human physiological magnetic field, eliminate fatigue, reach health effect.
2, Ozone antivirus: Can kill mite, mould, fungi and prevention feet psoriasis, improve the foot of stinking feet chilblain symptoms.
3, Bubble impact: As a large number of the impact of rising bubble burst, and can continually impact foot acupuncture points and neurons reflex zones, play the massage foot, eliminate fatigue effect; With bubbles add oxygen function, using built-in qibeng will water spouted impact foot;
4, PTC heating water and electricity separation: PTC heating, multiple insulation protection, water and electricity separation heating, hot stability safety, quality high move temperature limiter may automatic control temperature may not exceed 50 degrees, and automatic reset heat insulation;
5, Infrared physiotherapy: Far infrared wavelengths direct illuminate foot meridians, carries on the local physiotherapy, thus nursing body cells, activate neural information reflex source, improve metabolism, to strengthen the body's new except for the heart, spleen, function, kidney provide sufficient dynamic .

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  • Short Description:
    1. .Frequency 50Hz
    2. Rated power 800W
    3. The maximum capacity 16L
    4. The highest temperature 50 centigrade
    5.  Ozone sterilizing
    6. LED display
    7. Infrared Physical Therapy
    8. Remote control
    9.  Deep design
    10. Air surfing Bubble Massager
    11. Heating warming keeping
    12. Vibration massage
    13.  Product size: 41.5*35*52cm
    14. GW/NW: 5.8KG/4.9KG

1. Heating warming keeping
Rated voltage 100-240V
2. Vibration massage
Frequency 50Hz
3. Air surfing Bubble Massager 
Rated power 800W
4. Infrared Physical Therapy 
The maximum capacity 16L
5. Timing and fix temperature 
The highest temperature 50C
6. Ozone sterilizing
7. LED display
8. Deep design

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