Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Allows you to relax comfortably in a lying down position and provides a number of potential benefits .
Some of the advantages of using a Smarty dome sauna include expanded capillaries that allow blood to circulate more effectively and detoxify the body better, less strain on the heart, less pressure on the spine and greater oxygenation.  You will be able to use sauna longer while in a relaxed lying down position.

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Physical Effects of Far Infrared Sauna Dome:
Far Infrared Ray (FIR) create increased blood flow by promoting expansion in the capillaries, thereby:
- Decreased muscle spasms, pain and soreness.
-  Reduced swelling and inflammation, by improving lymphatic flow.
- Removal of heavy toxins - metal poisoning and chemicals - due to activated metabolic activity.
-  Improved oxygenation exchange and accelerated metabolism.
-  Tissue regeneration.
- Relief from breathing and lung challenges.

Features of the Dome Sauna:
-          Easy for Spa or home use
-          More exposure to Far Infrared Rays
-          Laying down is the most beneficial way to sauna
-          Space saving size and weight

Specifications :
-           115 volts/60hz
-           Wattage output: 870
-           Timer: 0-60 minutes or continuous
-           Controller Type: Analog
-           Outside material: Vinyl leather

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