Facial Steamer

This facial steamer has the newest modern design:  It uses electric heat to boil water for producing steam.
An ultraviolet lamp is there to decontaminate the steam.
Also comes with caster base and wheels.
Adjustable height and moveable steamer head.
A MUST HAVE TOOL  for any aesthetician!!

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1. Soften skin, promote nutriment absorbency.
2. Expand skin pore to deeply cleanse skin.
3. Contain ozone transformation system.
4. Diminish inflammation, sterilize bacteria and accelerate wound healing.
1. Steam conducts heat energy, makes the skin extend adequately, expedites blood circulation, improves metabolism and absorbability of nutrition.
2. In the ozone circumstance, the biology dies of no breath. By this way to kill bacilli on the exterior skin, and has the effect of diminish inflammation.

- Easy to operate
- Stable & reliable
- Sturdy handle Ozone option
- Non stop steaming for 30 minutes
- Quick warm up time
- Safety cut off feature
- 360 degree swivel for easy positioning

1. Hot / or Hot and Cold steam
2. 360degree rotating cool steam hand
3. With ozone light.
4. Power off when water runs out.
5. Water level security function.
6. Rotatable spray head.
7. Adjustable spray density.

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