Facial steamer + Led magnifying lamp

The facial steamer creates perspiration on the face, which opens up pores to allow them to breathe. Oil, grime and dirt can all gather in the pores, and this opening allows them to be free. Ultimately these factors lead to acne, so the use of a facial steamer reduces the chance of acne appearing on the skin.
The magnification function is used to evaluate the client’s skin and provide magnification and glare free light. The LED light bulbs present advantages of brightness, stability & energy-saving.
This amazing combination can promote blood circulation and the metabolic process, rinse the skin and supplement cell moisture. Your skin condition can be greatly improved by frequent use.

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MAGNIFIER LAMP Applications & Benefits

  •  Evaluate, inspect and analyze skin conditions
  • Monitor various changes on the surface of skin in time
  • Maintain good condition of skin to make it Smooth, Bright and Elastic
  • Provide magnification through LED Bright Cold Light

  FACIAL STEAMER Applications & Benefits

 Hot Steam Benefits
Hot steam offers a multitude of skin benefits as well as health benefits.
Theory: Heat up water and turn it into steam
Effective for:
1) Those with dry skin: Steam helps improve circulation and nutrition absorption, which can make skin fresh and moisturised. 2) Those with oily skin: Steam helps open pores to promote metabolism and clear excessive sebum, which can deeply clean the skin and make it clear.
Skin Conditions that Can be Improved:
- Acne
- Clogged pores
- Dehydrated skin
- Improve the appearance of puffy eyes
- Tighten and tone sagging skin
- and more !

Facial steamer spray

  • Aroma (cotton ball) Adding Point
  • Separate UV Light switch - Ozone
  • Auto shut-off when water level is low
  • Stainless steel heating pipe is used as hot spraying heating pipe
  • Wheeled: easy to move around in the salon
  • Removable water cup which ia easy to be cleaned
  • 5 -leg stable stand base
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to operate, high quality with low price

LED Magnifying Lamp

  • Magnify the sizes of the things 3 times.
  • LED Light bulbs, brightness, stability, and energy saving.
  • Protective lens cover.
  • Flexible arm can reach any direction.
  • Suitable to be used for special esthetical treatments for precisions.
  • Brand New with high quality


  • Adjustable height: 112cm - 132cm
  • Base: 54cm X 54cm
  • Steamer arm: 40cm

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