Exfoliating Cream for Body with Algae – CM 45

This Exfoliating Cream that contains non-irritant fine particles which gently eliminates the dead cells and impurities and removes imperfections. It also softens tissue and leave smoother, cleanser and softer skin.  

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  • Benefits:
  • - Gently eliminates the dead cells and impurities and removes imperfections.
  • - Softens the cutaneous tissue.
  • - Stimulates and accelerates the cells rejuvenation.
  • - Facilitates the respiration: the skin absorbs better all benefits of any body treatment. Hence, the skin looks smoother, cleanser and softer.
  • How to use:
  • - Apply on wet or dry skin
  • - Gently massage using fingertips in gentle circular motion
  • - Insist on elbows, knees, feets and heels. Rinse with water.

  • - This cream have non-irritant fine particles
  • - Exfoliate skin gently

  • - Origin: Le Club, France
  • - Volume: jar 500g

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