Ellerus Paris Ultrasonic Face Spa Massager Cordless

Gentle delivery of ultrasound energy provides massage and beneficial effets for the delicate skin and tissues of the face. The high-frequency ultrasound massage warms the layers below the surface. These features bring long-term benefits to the look of the skin.    

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  • - Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism
  • - Whiten black spots, freckles and aged marks
  • - Reduce harmful bacteria and eliminate pimple
  • - Firm skin texture, reduce wrinkles, deep clean and moisturizes
  • - Ultrasonic effects the skin in two ways:
  • + Mechanical effects: the pulse of the ultrasonic waves give a massage effect to skin tissues to promote the metabolism of collagen
  • + Chemical effects: activate skin by inducing a chemical effect on collagen layers, regulate PH level of skin, increase activities of APT, improve skin condition by renewing old damaged collagen layers.

  • - 5MHz Frequency ultrasonic waves =5 million stimulation to skin per second to focus and repair the skin surface and face layers. This is best frequency for facial skin and other sensitive skin
  • - Waterproof design and light-weight, convenient for usage at bath time
  • - Cordless, built-in rechargeable battery. No plugs or cords
  • - Universal power adapter

  • - 5 MHz Frequency Ultrasonic Waves

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