Steam Sauna Room AT-D8856-1

Dry and Wet Steam Room AT-D8856-1 includes elegant, modern design and acrylic material to integrate multi functions in a therapeutic process: relaxing bath, water massage and Ozone for sterilization.

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  • - Function massage with vichy shower faucets utilizes water pressure from the shower to massage the skin, stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism in the body, reduce tension and soreness of the muscles.
  • - Steam therapy helps restore vitality, elimination of toxins after a exhausted days.

  • - Sauna room is made of wood and can contain 2 persons with the power up to 3 KWh
  • - Steam room is not only using Ozone to kill bacteria in water  but also has background light, top shower, hand shower. It's capacity  is for 1 person.
  • - Both steam room and sauna room have Smart Touch-large LCD Screen, Temperature, Time Indication/Adjustment, LCD Connection and Radio.

  • - Size: 1800*1300*2280mm
  • - Packing: With carton(standard package)
  • - Tray Material: Acrylic
  • - Sauna Room Material: Cedar Wood
  • - Sauna Bath: 3.0KW
  • - Steam Bath: 3.0KW
  • - Controller: Computer Control Panel

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