Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is an excellent emollient for silky, smooth and hydrated skin. Unlike other skin oil, we only sell 100% pure products of guaranteed freshness. Especially, this moisturizing skin oil won't clog your pores or leave skin rough and irritated. Perfect for use as a carrier oil for other essential oils or as a massage oil.  

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  • - Work as an excellent carrier oil for essential oils or massage oils
  • - A moisturizing skin oil that won't clog pore
  • - Soothe your skin after shaving or waxing
  • - To make the stretch marks disappear
  • - Used for plumper, non-chapped lips
  • - Effective treatment for skin rashes, hives, psoriasis, and other conditions without needing a prescription

  • - Ingredients: 100% pure coconut oil, no chemicals or preservatives, unscented, no animal-tested
  • - Using high technology production France

  • - Volume: 1000ml

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