Body Slimming RU-30

Ru 30 Body Slimming Equipment has all the advantages of the same products in America, and solves the key problems of poor durability. It is a professional beauty machine using for dissolve fat and exercising muscles by different vibration heads and adjustable vibration speed. Amazing look, easy to operate plus the high-quality, which make the RU-30 become the first choice of beauty salon, hospital, gym, school and family.

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  • Features
  • Specifications

  • - Dissolve fat
  • - Deep massage and exercise muscles
  • - Promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism
  • - Slimming and toning body
  • - Relax and improve strength of muscles
  • - Weight loss, effect fatigue, tension, pain, relaxation

  • - Apply the principle of physical vibration
  • - Move the vibration head around when doing the massage, it feels like massage by hand
  • - Different vibration heads and adjustable vibration speed
  • - Fast vibration press and push fat layer.

  • - Rated Voltage:  220VAC, 50Hz
  • - Power: 100W
  • - Dimension: 102 x 55 x 50 cm
  • - Weight: 16.8Kg

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