Biology Light Skin Care Machine

As the latest technological product of optical dynamics, makes use of well-proportioned energy, the purity above 99% red light and blue light .
It reacts in making soft skin, Whitening and removing acne.
It has super high strength, exact narrow light wavelength, reaching to the top international standard and preventing people from damage to their skins.
It is the most effective and safest way to make perfect skin at present.

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(1)Removing flecks, sunning spots, pigment sediments, reduction of sunlight damage to skin;
(2)Treatment for spots, dark sores and folliculitis;
(3)Lightening red spot acnes and capillary vessel expansion;
(4)Smoothing fine wrinkles and tightening loose or aging skin;
(5)Shrinking coarse pores and curing skin roughness;
(6)Treatment for dark or dim skins caused by deficient metabolism or circulation;
(7)Release of fatigue, reduction of pressure and improvement on sleep;
(8)Curing skin scurf or folliculitis-caused hair losing;
(9)Recovery from slight pathological replacements of facial nerves.

1. Strong energy and density
2. Bigger area irradiation, arc design of the light head suitable for the character of face
3. One equipment with 7 different lights
4. 100% safety
5. No hurt to the skin cell, no side effect
6. Simple operation, no need of professional training
7. Longer lifetime, steady capability, longer continued word time
8. No special nurse and normal dressing for skin after treatment
9. Fit for any kind of skin
10. Matrix arrange of light source for face treatment

- Light source: LED gene biology light
- Output wave: Red light: 640nm±5nm
 - Blue light: 470nm±5nm
- Laser light: 900nm±5nm …
- Lightness:  ≧480mcd
- Treatment Area: 420*390mm
- Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
- Output power: 80mw/cm2
- Size: 590*260*1240mm

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