Designed to Remain Beautiful.

 Our Bathtubs's design has a strong statement of pure luxury and meets the contemporary style.
Our bathtub is a substantial, solid, and unquestionably stylish freestanding tub. It features a definitely thick walls and a deep bathing basin. The effect of the tub is contemporary. However, it still fits in well designs from the mid-century modern and twenty-first century avant garde.
Bathing in this modern tub is luxury at its finest.

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Product Details:
1) Tub is made of two acrylic sheets. The air between the sheets acts as a thermal insulator to help retain warmth.
2) Tub has built-in adjusters for use on uneven floors.
3) Brass pedal Drainer without overflow.
4) Faucet: separate sale.
5) Packing: Bubble + Carton with handle.

1)Easy to shape: mold production and modeling diversified, malleable, and can be personalized requirements of tailor-made.
2)Environmental health: using natural materials, scientific formula, strict operating, non-toxic, non-radiation, can be recycled, a new generation of environmentally friendly materials.
3) Long life: table timber, seamless, water absorption as low as 0.034%, long service life.

- Size: Optional.
- Type: Free standing Acrylic bath tub.
-  Material: pure acrylic sheet and reinforced by 3 layers of fiber glasses
- Size: L*W*H (mm): 
- Colors: Optional.

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