Acrylic Massage Bathtub AT-3306-1

Massage Bathtub AT-3306-1 is made of Acrylic, which is heated and vacuum-formed over a mold, creating a continuous waterproof membrane. It is then reinforced with fiberglass for added stability and insulation value to the bathtub. This Bathtub is non-porous by nature, warm to the touch and  is well recognized for its ability to withstand constant use and cleaning.

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Massage bathing can cure you from the following diseases: dizziness, cervical spondylosis, obesity, fatigue, cold, waist/legs pain, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney and etc.

  • - Excellent tenacity, can be easily bent into various shapes;
  • - Superior stain/bacteria/chemical resistance;
  • - Very low water absorption & excellent penetrability;
  • - Very high oxygen index & flame resistant;
  • - Easy to clean, decontamination and sterilization;
  • - Smooth, solid, inconspicuous seams;
  • - High gloss, beauty finish with elegant texture;

  • - Specification: 1810*1310*755mm
  • - Color: White
  • - Gross Weight: 110kgs
  • - Material: Acrylic
  • - Packing Size: 1910*1410*855mm
  • - Packing: film+foam+carton+wood plate(standard package)
  • - MOQ: 1 pcs

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