Abdominal Wrap

Abdominal Wrap Features:
The Abdonminal Wrap is a postnatal abdominal wrap designed to help bounce back quicker after giving birth. Helps lose inches faster, minimizes stretch marks, reduces discomfort, adds support while breastfeeding, assists with the healing process and improves posture. Also supports the back and legs, provides comfort after C-sections and restores confidence.  

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How to use:
  • Apply Firming herbal blend on stomach area first ( for first 14 days ) before using abdominal wrap
Step 1: Spread abdominal wrap on a bed, lie down on it, and tuck in.
Step 2: Starting from the bottom, weave the strap through the ‘eyelets’, pulling it tightly to achieve a firm fit especially on abdominal area.
Step 3: Finish off at the top, tying the strap neatly. The abdominal wrap can be loosened if need to go to toilet.
  • Recommended to wear the abdominal wrap for at least 12 hours a day, from Day 1 afterbirth, up to 30 days or more.

- For caesarean birth, use after stitches are dried and healed, normally after 1 week.
- Provides full support from below the breast down to the hip and buttocks to aid in the release of water retention.
- Provide firm control of flabby, sagging abdominal skin.
- For the recovery and firming of the abdominal muscles and tissues.
- For the toning of stretched skin in the torso region.
- Encouragement of the uterus to shrink and recover to its pre-pregnancy size.
- Supports back posture while breastfeeding.

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