Set-up spa plans

Vienmy Ltd., consultants can help you and your team design set- up spa plans that will make your business a standout in the highly competitive leisure industry. Every element of your facility from the exterior to the entrance, from the fixtures to the logo contributes to your image and brand identity. We will bring in the team that you need to make sure that every aspect of design will come together and that the communication among your management, subcontractors, and employees is consistent and effective in achieving your vision.

Taking set- up spa plans from Concept to Completion

Vienmy company will work with you from concept to completion, or we can assign you a consultant or consultants with expertise in a specific stage of design. For example, some of our clients have asked us to work specifically on equipment specification, while others have asked for a focus on layout and floor plans. We also have consultants who specialize in image design and can help you realize your own vision as well as refine it with industry standards in mind. a

We also consider the human element an essential part of effective spa design. For example, creative entrance and exit strategies require collaboration among your architect, interior designer, and customer service representatives. You also have to select equipment based on your intended services menu. We can help you make sure that you’re offering a competitive array of services and designing your facility so that you’ll be able to offer your future customers all the luxury they want.

In the realm of physical set- up spa plans, Vienmy Ltd., can give you layout and floor plans that include equipment specification, fixture and accessories placement, customer flow and spacing, and sight lines. We have also contracted to build clients realistic three-dimensional renderings that include overhead and ground floor views, customer viewpoints, and room-by-room walkthroughs. We have also provided clients with vendor recommendations, construction documents, specification manuals, and comprehensive information about materials and equipment, as well as fixtures and amenities. Clients all over the world have come to rely on Vienmy company as a full service, full business life cycle consultation firm. Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.


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