Facial Treatments Training

1. Benefits: Professional full facial treatments promote the health of the face, neck and shouders, creating a refreshed, cleaned, healed, strengthened and nourished looking skin in addition to i,proving skin tone and firmness throughout.
2. Aim of course :
– To enable candidates to perform safe and effective treatment for the face, neck and shoulder.
– To enable candidates to achieve a Professional Certificate in Facial Treatments.
3. Entry Level: A person displaying a high level of interpersonal skills in oarticalar excellent communication and listening skills, empathy, patience, tact, diplomacy and time keep with a well groomed appearance and a mature disposition.
– Health and Hygiene.
– Spa/Salon Procedures.
– Skin Disorders.
– Anatomy and physiology Revision of the head and Face, Bones, Skin, Muscles, Nerve Supply, Blood Supply, and lymphatic System.
– Consulation, Contra-indications and benefits.
– Skin Care/ Skin Analysis/ Skin Types.
– Facial massage.
– Facial Masks.
– Facial structure.
– Product Knowledge/ Cosmetic Science.
– After care/ Home care.

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